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In our San Jose manufacturing facility, Dicar maintains the equipment and trained technicians necessary to meet all of your cabling and electromechanical assembling needs. Browse through the descriptions of our capabilities below, or jump directly to any item using the following links.

Molded Cable Assemblies

Using our extensive selection of aluminum cast dies, Dicar can mold a wide spectrum of connectors, including mini-din and SCSI. Should you need a custom die, however, Dicar can create one for you-incorporating your company logo, if desired. We also have the equipment capabilities to produce not only standard PVC plastic molded cables, but clear pre-molds as well.

Woven Cable Assemblies

Dicar's weaving machines use standard wire and mini-coax cable to produce a high-quality woven cable. Developed as a substitute for ribbon cable, woven cable allows faster transmission speeds, better flexibility, and angling, while taking up a small amount of space within an application.

Coaxial Assemblies

From basic BNC to custom coaxial harnesses to woven coaxial assemblies, Dicar is experienced in assembling virtually every type of coaxial cable and cable connector. Whether your assembly requires flexible, semi-rigid, or conformable coax, we can meet your material needs.

Discrete Assemblies

Dicar's automated cut-and-strip wire handling machines, and semi-automated terminating machines are made by such industry leaders such as AMP, Hollingsworth, and Panduit. These top-of-the-line equipments, operating by our highly skilled and well-trained technicians, ensures you the highest quality assemblies, V.35, DSub, and more. From interconnect post to header types, card edge connectors, or quick-disconnected terminals, or whatever your discrete assembly needs are, Dicar has what it takes to meet them.

Mass Termination/IDC

Dicar has flat ribbon cable assemblies available by the hundreds, or even thousands, depending upon your individuals needs. We specialize in custom folding patterns, staggered cutting, and non-standard/mixed connector assemblies. All gauges, lengths, and color codes are possible.


Over the years, Dicar has perfected the harnessing process. For each assembly, we design a custom harness board that meets all customer print specs. Using similar or different wire, connectors, shrink wraps, tapes or lacing, we then build each individual harness on that board to ensure accuracy. Once an assembly is final inspected, its dimension are checked once more, without the board, eliminating the chance of any possible error. Whether you need a six-inch harness or a fifteen-foot one, put Dicar's expertise to work for you!

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Custom Cable, Wire & Harness Assembly Manufacturer

(408) 295-1106

Custom Cable, Wire & Harness Assembly Manufacturer

(408) 295-1106